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Next meetup

The next DimSumJS will take place at the end of November.

If you have any questions, please ask them on the GitHub issue.

What's all this then?

DimSumJS is an informal lunchtime meetup for JavaScript developers to eat delicious dim sum and discuss the pressing issues of the day.

Callbacks vs promises (fibers, wat), semi-colons vs no semi-colons, es6 modules, whatever controversy is engulfing the node.js community this week, etc.

Where do you meet?

Currently there's a meetup in Chinatown, Central London. Others may follow.

How does it work?

Grab a ticket when a meetup is announced, then we'll book a table. On the day everyone turns up and chooses enough dishes to fill the table, we share the food and then split the bill at the end.

How much will I spend?

Typically everyone picks two-three dishes each which with tea comes to about £10 including tip.

But I'm rubbish at JavaScript

So was everyone once, no-one will mind. If you've got an interest in JavaScript and you like dim sum, this is the meetup for you.

I'm sold, where do I sign up?

Meetups will be announced on the GitHub repo as issues - watch the repo to be notified of new meetups.

But I'm not in Central London

Watch the repository for your nearest location to find out when the next meetup is. Maybe start one if you've got a good dim sum place nearby?

This all sounds a lot like SushiJS

Yes it does. We applaud SushiJS and thank them for paving the way, but although sushi is delicious sometimes you just want little hot steamed parcels of joy.